Early Career Researcher prize

Early Career Researcher prize

Since 2017 we have run an FTD UK Early Career Researcher prize, now sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Society. We have two categories – Clinical Science and Basic Science.

Any junior researcher who is earlier in their career than 5 years after completion of their PhD can enter the prize. Abstract submission opens in late Spring of each year with a closing date at the end of Summer. Winners must be available to present their work at the annual FTD UK meeting.

Please email us on frontotemporaldementiauk@gmail.com for more details.

Previous winners


Clinical Science (shared): Martina Bocchetta (UCL) – Thalamic nuclei in frontotemporal dementia: mediodorsal nucleus involvement is universal but pulvinar atrophy is unique to C9orf72

Clinical Science (shared): Carolin Heller (UCL) – Plasma glial fibrillary acidic protein is raised in progranulin-associated frontotemporal dementia

Basic Science: Martha Foiani (UCL) – Identification of antibodies that selectively bind specific tauopathies


Clinical Science: Richard Bevan-Jones (University of Cambridge) – The role of neuroinflammation in the pathophysiology of Frontotemporal dementia: a positron emission tomography study

Basic Science (shared): Carolin Koriath (UCL) – ApoE4 lowers age at onset in patients with frontotemporal dementia and tauopathy independent of amyloid-beta copathology

Basic Science (shared): Sarah Ryan (University of Manchester) – C9orf72 dipeptides differentially impair nucleocytoplasmic transport


Clinical Science: Katrina Moore (UCL) – Symptom onset in genetic frontotemporal dementia

Basic Science: Francesco Paonessa (University of Cambridge) – Altered microtubule dynamics lead to alteration of the nuclear lamina in FTD-MAPT neurons