Bringing together clinicians and researchers in the UK working on frontotemporal dementia and associated disorders.

FTDUK is co-ordinated by Professor Jonathan Rohrer (University College London), Professor James Rowe (University of Cambridge), Dr Kathryn Bowles (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Jenna Gregory (University of Aberdeen).

We run an Early Career Researcher prize for FTD researchers – this is open to any researcher who is a research assistant, PhD student or postdoctoral researcher within 5 years of completion of their PhD.

We have been running FTD UK since 2011 and after an absence during the Covid pandemic we returned in 2023 to run our 10th meeting. The meeting remains free to attend and will be in Cambridge this year. Registration is now open and the programme will be posted here in February.

We are very thankful to Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Guarantors of Brain who have kindly helped to fund the event each year through conference grants, and to the Alzheimer’s Society who have funded the Early Career Researcher Prize awards.

2024 – 11th Annual Meeting – Cambridge – 15th May

10.00amWelcome to the meeting and introduction
10.10amMultidimensional insights into FTD cognitionMatt Lambon-Ralph (University of Cambridge)
10.30amDigital biomarkers and remote monitoring in FTDRhian Convery (UCL)
10.50amThe surprising amyloid found in FTLD-FUSTammaryn Lashley (UCL)
11.10amCoffee break
11.40amTBK1 loss-of-function is associated with cell autonomous microglial dysfunctionOwen Peters (Cardiff University)
12.00pmStress-induced nuclear TDP-43 pathology leads to STMN2 depletion: an early pathological event in FTD/ALS?Anna Sanchez Avila (University of Sheffield)
12.20pmInvestigating subcellular and secreted interactomes of pathological tau: lessons from extracellular vesiclesSteph Fowler (University of Oxford)
1.40pmUpdate on FTD and dementia consortiaFTD UK team
2.00pmMining the immune system for protective antibodies in neurodegenerative diseasesRalph Minter (Alchemab Therapeutics)
2.20pmAutologous HSC gene therapy for the treatment of FTD-GRNChiara Recchi (Orchard Therapeutics)
2.40pmCoffee break
3.10pmAlzheimer's Society ECR prizes - introduction and award
3.30pmBasic Science Prize for Early Career UK FTD Researcher sponsored by the Alzheimer's Society
3.40pmClinical Science Prize for Early Career UK FTD Researcher sponsored by the Alzheimer's Society